Get an Early Paycheck!

Have you ever found yourself needing cash today to cover an unexpected expense, and your next paycheck is still a week away? Payday Advance gives you the option of getting an early payday without all the hassle involved with bank loans. You never have to risk bouncing a check or pay a late fee on your monthly bills again! 

We understand it is often difficult to ask for a loan from friends, family and other acquaintances. Payday advances are an option to receive a short-term loan without a credit check. Simply write us a check for the amount you need plus interest, and we will give you a cash loan until your paycheck comes in.

When getting a payday advance, you must provide us your personal information, three references, and your current employer. We will then verify your employment and, within just a few minutes, send you out the door with cash! Bad credit? It makes no difference! If you have a job, you can be approved. 

We look forward to assisting you with all of your payday loan needs!

What You Need to Bring:

  • Driver's License or government issued ID

  • Valid Check

  • Employer contact information or a current pay stub

  • Three non-family references

Rates and Regulations

  • Interest Rate: 17.5%

  • Loan Durations: 10 - 30 days

  • Loan Amounts: up to $500 per individual
  • In accordance with state law, no individual may have more than $500 borrowed from any company, or combination of companies, at one time.

  • Discounts available for repeat customers!