Check Cashing

Don’t have a bank account? If you need a place to cash your check, we’re here to help! We offer check cashing for a small percentage. Our location on Florence Boulevard is convenient to all Shoals Area customers!

Types of Checks

We cash: payroll checks, money orders, income tax refunds, social security checks, SSI (Supplemental Security Income) checks, unemployment checks or company checks. Due to certain circumstances, we have limited many of the checks we cash to $500. We do not accept most checks above this amount.

Our Fee Structure:

  • 5% of the first $100

  • 4% of the next $400

  • 3% of the next $500

  • 2% of any amount greater than $1,000

  • There is a minimum charge of $3 for any check cashed, picture ID required

Why Not Use a Bank?

While upwards of 70% of people who use check cashing services have a checking account, they elect to use check cashing services through businesses like Gold, Guns and Guitars because of our convenient location, hours of operation, and ease of service. Whether you have a checking account or not, if you need a check converted to quick cash in a convenient way with friendly service, we are your best option!