Sell Your Gold

Have you ever wondered how pawn shops calculate what they will pay you for your gold—and if it’s even fair? We are here to help! Gold is measured by the troy ounce. What a troy ounce is worth depends on the karat and gram weight of the gold item. The value of gold changes daily, just like the stock market. Check the box on the right for a current precious metals quote, as well as the calculation chart to the right. 

After calculation, we pay 65 cents on the dollar for your scrap gold. This built-in margin protects us from the sometimes wild price fluctuations in the precious metals market which may occur during the required 15-day holding period required by Alabama state law. It also covers our refinement costs, shipping, and insurance. 

Do you have gold coins, silver bars, or silver rounds you need to sell? We pay 80 cents on the dollar for any precious metal in bar or coin form. 

We also buy diamonds and other precious metals, such as silver, platinum, and palladium. We use special electronic testers and sensitive scales on site to test the authenticity and exact purity of the items without having to scratch or damage the item. Within just a few minutes you will receive a top dollar offer for your metals or diamonds!

Current Spot Prices

Purity Chart

  • 24 Karat is Pure Gold or .9999 purity

  • 22 Karat Gold Is 0.916 Pure or 22/24

  • 18 Karat Gold Is 0.750 Pure or 18/24

  • 14 Karat Gold Is 0.585 Pure or 14/24

  • 10 Karat Gold Is 0.417 Pure or 10/24